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You can have a healthy financial future by helping people to improve their quality of life while doing something that you really enjoy. In addition to job satisfaction and financial security, as a franchisee of Forever Healthy Inc. you will be working with an industry leader.

Forever Healthy Inc. has experienced controlled corporate growth in a market with very few demographic limitations. Forever Healthy clinics can be found in Prince Edward Island, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In today's unstable economic conditions why not invest in a stable business in a growing industry.

Allergies and diseases are on the rise. Everyone we know has something that could be treated with allergy elimination. This illustrates the unprecedented growth of the market over the next several years and ultimately an expansion of the Forever Healthy’s target customer, setting the stage for franchise success.

Corporate Profile

Forever Healthy Inc. began in Riverview, NB in 1997. Since then, Forever Healthy has grown and operates 8 locations throughout Canada. Founded by Debbie Carroll and presently owned and operated by Patricia MacKinnon, a qualified health care provider and one of the leading health care professionals in the country. Debbie and Patricia both became Registered Nurses in 1980. Debbie worked in traditional medicine until 1997 when she founded Forever Healthy. Since then Debbie and Patricia have both studied intensively to become Licensed Acupuncturists and then Doctor's of Natural Medicine. Forever Healthy specializes in Allergy Elimination. Debbie’s reputation, business acumen and professional integrity were key factors to Forever Healthy’s success. Patricia has vowed to carry on that same integrity.

Since Forever Healthy’s inception, the company is a proven progressive learning organization that works diligently to incorporate leading edge, effective business practices in every area of the corporation. Working predominately with Registered Nurses and medical professionals Forever Healthy has been able to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with physicians, and the medical community, gaining valuable insights and steady referrals. Forever Healthy’s uncompromising standards, combined with facilities, specialized equipment, business techniques, positions the independently owned Forever Healthy clinics as complementary health care leaders in their community and all across Canada.

In July 2000, Forever Healthy Inc. appointed it’s first franchised office in Prince Edward Island and has experienced steady growth since then. Today the strategic business plan includes additional franchises across Canada. These additional outlets will add strength to our integrated network of complementary health care professionals. Each independent Franchisee has the right to use the Forever Healthy’s name, logo, trademark, copyright material, marketing and promotional programs as well as state of the art operating systems in their efforts to expand their business.

The complementary health care professionals at Forever Healthy are recognized for their expertise and commitment. When you franchise with Forever Healthy you gain our reputation and good name.

The Opportunity

In preparation for the enormous opportunities that the allergy population in Canada present, Forever Healthy will mount significant expansion through to the year 2020 and beyond. To achieve this goal the company will undertake to open two new Franchises per year, ensuring each franchise will receive the proper care and attention required for success.

Currently Forever Healthy has franchise opportunities in a limited number of locations in NB and numerous locations available in the rest of Canada.

You have the opportunity to own and operate your own Forever Healthy Franchise in a prime location of your choice, utilizing unique administrative, financial, inventory, training and marketing systems both on and off your site. As well, you have complete professional freedom to match services to customers’ needs. Know that you will never have to compromise your professional and personal ethics to achieve profits.

Your clinic will become its own unique destination allergy clinic designed specifically with you and your clients in mind. Work in a comfortable informative environment that your customers can’t stop talking about. Forever Healthy’s décor and merchandising systems have been developed specifically with the allergy market in mind and will be customized to meet your local market needs.

Align yourself with an organization that you can be proud of. Forever Healthy has a strong community commitment to improve health care locally, nationally and internationally.
Forever Healthy has unlimited potential for the right kind of complementary healthy care professional with a little business know how.


There are many benefits to working in a complementary health industry with a well-established company. Most importantly, when you join the Forever Healthy team you increase your chance of success by gaining:

Ongoing Support Systems

Once you become a Forever Healthy Franchisee you will be able to take advantage of well designed and managed support programs, ranging from monthly teleconferences to annual meetings. The standardized organizational and operational procedures save you time and effort by instantly gaining efficiencies only known to well established businesses. The Human Resource Department can help you recruit, hire and train the right people for your franchise. The financial accounting advice and expertise available to the franchisee includes helping you get set up with an accounting system that’s easy to use. Highly specialized customer service and marketing programs are custom designed for each specific Forever Healthy location.

Brand Recognition

Forever Healthy is an established company with a solid track record of employee integrity and quality services. Forever Healthy is the best-known and most-respected provider of complementary health care services in Canada, assisting you to immediately establish a presence in the market. You will build equity quickly; sell more services faster because of name recognition and consistent branding. Surveys have shown advertising is not necessary; Forever Healthy is proud to announce that the business has grown by word of mouth.

Physician Referral Network

To facilitate referrals, the company has developed an excellent working relationship with family physicians and allergy specialists, who trust and respect the professionals at Forever Healthy. Our reputation and proven system will allow you to quickly establish rapport with the local medical community.

Treatment Support

Forever Healthy Director works closely with our team of consultants. Responsibilities include standardization of clinic operations, arranging continuing education training sessions to coincide with advances in industry techniques and technologies; providing clinical trouble shooting and third party intervention when required; coordinating internal communication amongst consultants and acting as a liaison in the promotion of Forever Healthy to the media, Insurance companies and other complementary health practitioners. The resources of Forever Healthy are available to all franchisees, letting you expand the services you offer with confidence.

Professional Development

Forever Healthy gives you the opportunity to design personalized professional development plans achieved through industry, in-house, and academic training opportunities. Regularly updated, comprehensive operations systems, product seminars, financial guidance, sales and customer service training will be available to you and your staff, giving you the resources to be a leader in the industry. With a strong commitment to customer service and enhancing revenue generating opportunities, Forever Healthy offers practitioners specific training programs. Learn how to discover hidden needs and solve hidden physical and emotional issues, increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

Market Intelligence and Marketing Programs

Forever Healthy is a client driven organization that continually seeks improvement by maintaining open dialogue with our customers and through symptom surveys. Comprehensive and professional public relations programs are developed annually with input from all managers and Franchisees. You will access corporate and local market media, directory and direct mail campaigns designed specifically to reach the expanding mature market. Capitalize on the company’s resources to deepen market penetration and attract and retain valuable customers.


Committed to continual technological advances Forever Healthy has invested in software to ensure excellent information exchange and information system programs. By way of corporate internet, meetings and conference calls using a toll free number, you will be kept informed of all relevant corporate and industry news. Constant electronic communications, along with scheduled visits from support teams, give you all the help you will require. Most importantly you will use a system that provides easy real time access to office management systems, electronic policy and procedure manuals, forms and documents, and clear concise instructions.

Consumer-centric Service

Specifically trained customer service representatives from the corporate head office will contact your clients on a regular basis to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. This includes generating evaluations, re-evaluations, identifying customer issues and follow-up reports for the franchisee. Forever Healthy anticipates the needs and wants of each individual customizing service to exceed customer expectations. Our customers talk about our company and the exceptional service we provide, establishing the profit base for your clinic… your customers.

Reduced Risk

Lessen your operational learning curve, by taking advantage of tried and tested operating systems. Forever Healthy is committed to providing on going and start up support to ensure you have a thriving franchise.
Support includes: site selection, clinic design, point of sale merchandising, sophisticated information systems, training and field support. Why start from scratch when you can utilize our sophisticated systems?

Ideal Candidates

Forever Healthy looks for hardworking owner / operators with a preference given to complementary health care professionals that are committed to providing services with care and integrity.

As an owner / operator of a Forever Healthy clinic you will be an active member of the community, establishing long-term relationships with customers, physicians and business professionals in your area. You will be a high energy professional committed to the common goals and values of the company. Forever Healthy is looking for individuals with integrity and the desire to make the customer the driving force of their business.

If you are seeking a unique business opportunity with an associate that shares your vision, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence, you will want to learn more about what Forever Healthy has to offer.

The Investment

Franchise Fee
An initial investment will provide you with the training required to own and operate a Forever Healthy clinic in a specific location, with extensive support from the Franchisor to utilize our business systems, knowledge capital and trademarks.

Start Up Costs
To effectively operate as a Forever Healthy Franchise, you will require a financial investment to cover the cost of supplies, equipment, furnishing, leasehold improvements, signage, fixtures and furnishing that will be consistent with the Forever Healthy image and brand as determined by the Franchiser. As well, you will be required to have working capital and contingency funds on hand as determined by Forever Healthy Inc. Franchise startup costs vary greatly with each individual franchise situation and can be as high as $50,000.

Prior to opening your doors, Forever Healthy will provide the Franchisee with up to 30 days of comprehensive training. Training time will vary with each franchisee, as it is dependant of the individual’s previous skills and education. The direct costs of this initial training are included in the Franchise Fee. This extensive training program covers operating methods, administrative procedures, customer care techniques, product orientation and other unique programs exclusive to Forever Healthy. Additionally, the franchisee will receive corporate on site training and coaching support from Forever Healthy.

Marketing and Advertising
Forever Healthy is proud to be able to state that we are a “word of mouth” business. We have found that this is the best advertising and therefore, are committed to customer satisfaction. Forever Healthy offers in house draws for free give-aways to encourage clients to spread the word. Franchisees may choose to contribute more advertising at various stages of their business development depending on their individualized goals and business plan.

Royalty Fee

• Royalty fee for the first 3 months in business are waived to help you become established
• Brand recognition, proven sales and marketing programs complimented by exposure on our informative website
• Protocols gathered from years of research, providing the information needed to be successful
• Advanced technology to enhance treatment results
• Treatment support, management training and professional development opportunities
• Real time consultations and administrative support, enhanced by a policy and procedure manual, technical training and support
• Proactive customer service programs including call support and follow up
• Significant supplier discounts only gained through the benefits of purchasing power associated with large organizations improve franchise profit margins
• For a fee the company will review and analyze the financial statements for each accounting period and advise the Franchisee as to changes which should be made to increase profitability of the Franchise Business

Personal Introduction Form

Franchise Questions

Why don’t I just set up my own clinic?

Forever Healthy has already been through the learning curve of setting up and maintaining a successful business.

As a Franchisee, you will lower your risk of failure and achieve long-term success by benefiting from our expertise in:

• Selecting a prime location and negotiating the best possible lease agreement

• Establishing effective operational systems as well as protocols that have been proven effective

• Developing a strong referral network

• Obtaining big savings through supplier agreements and volume discounts

• Recruitment and employee development

• Product knowledge, sales and treatment training

What are my potential earnings?
This depends largely on you. Like any other business venture your earning capabilities will depend largely on a number of factors, including your local market, your location, your advertising and promotional efforts, the amount of time you spend in the clinic, your business acumen as well as current economic conditions. Forever Healthy has a proven record of success and does ensure that you are entering a growth industry. You will benefit from our well-organized system and a business concept that has been refined over many years of experience.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term of the franchise agreement is 10 years, after which time the agreement may be renewed for another term equal to the initial franchise term being offered at that time.
About Us
Primarily an Allergy Elimination Center, it is our mission to improve your overall health and well-being by eliminating your body of underlying allergies so you can live a well-balanced lifestyle. It is our goal to assist you on your journey to becoming forever healthy.
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